Pinnekjøtt; steamed lamb

Pinnekjøtt is my favorite Christmas dish. The lamb is very salty and incredibly tender. It gets a nice aroma when steamed layered on a set of wooden sticks. This dish is naturally without gluten and milk, so there is really no reason for me to have this recipe on the blog. But I can’t help myself – I simply love pinnekjøtt! Continue reading Pinnekjøtt; steamed lamb

Jamie’s piri piri marinated chicken

This is my twist on a memorised recipe originally from Jamie Oliver’s own piri piri marinated chicken dish from “Jamie’s 30-minute meals”. This is a flavor sensation you don’t want to miss! Continue reading Jamie’s piri piri marinated chicken

Cinnamon buns – gluten free and milk free

Today, the 4th of October, is the day of the cinnamon bun – in Sweeden anyway. This get a lot of attention in Sweeden, and we brought the tradition with us when we moved back to Norway. Fortunately I had a day off from redecoration and moving, and had time to bake homemade cinnamon buns. Continue reading Cinnamon buns – gluten free and milk free

Lamb and cabbage stew (fårikål)

Today, the last thursday in September, is the day of the norwegian national dish; lamb and cabbage stew. The neighborhood is slowly scented with the deilicious aroma of norwegian traditions. The stew need to simmer for a few hours, so you need to be home a bit before dinner the day you serve this. Or, like me, have a day of home office.

Continue reading Lamb and cabbage stew (fårikål)

Blackcurrant squash

This time of year the branches of berry trees hang heavy to the grown; full of huge berries bursting with flavor. I have access to an immense amount of blackcurrants and currants at my grandparents house, and today’s catch resulted in 2,5 liters of concentrated blackcurrant squash. Continue reading Blackcurrant squash

Angus steak with chipped potatoes and chanterelle

Steak is not just steak these days. There is pepper steak, sirloin, entrecote, grill steak etc. They are all different in taste, texture, preparation and not to forget; price. For a special occasion we don’t hold back on either of these; we choose the Angus steak. Continue reading Angus steak with chipped potatoes and chanterelle

Juicy chicken thighs

Chicken thighs are a great alternative to chicken filets. It takes a while longer to prepare but they are well worth it considering the flavors and the moisture. We chose a bag of frozen chicken thighs from Sweden, which we defrosted and roasted whole in the oven. Fantastic! Continue reading Juicy chicken thighs

Sea food wok with pangasius and squid

We enjoy trying new things, and exceeded own expectations when we bought a packet of frozen squid. We had no idea how to cut or clean, prepare or season it, but that just made it all the more exciting. Today was the day we would try it, and we decided on a lovely hot seafood wok. We included an interesting new vegetable as well; a daikon radish. It comes from the same vegetable family as our normal red radish, but has a mild flavor and fit perfectly as a crunchy wok vegetable.
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